We Speak Your Language


Amero Communications delivers precise translation, interpretation and transcription for business communications. Headquartered in Toronto, one of the most multicultural cities in the world, Amero’s professional translators and interpreters ensure your message isn’t just understood by your audience, but that it connects with them – in print and in person. We speak your language, so you can speak to the world.

Language connects us. This simple truth guides Amero’s approach to translation. It’s why we only use human translators to communicate our clients’ messages, and why our collaborative process allows you to partner with the same translation team from project to project.

Not only do we speak your language, we understand your vocabulary. From business and manufacturing, to commodities and the arts, Amero offers simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpretation, wherever your audience needs us to be.

A trusted partner for the TV and film industries, Amero provides transcription services at all stages of the production process – from transcribing raw footage for your paper edit to polishing final content for use as subtitles.

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