("Every company has a story")

Amero Communications is a Toronto-based language services agency delivering precise translation, interpretation and transcription for business communications.

Founded by Patricia Beiger in 2000, Amero is guided by a deep appreciation of language as a means to inspire, motivate and connect with the people around us.

Why we use human translation

Language is alive, fluid and evolving, which is why Amero insists on using human translators and interpreters to help communicate our clients’ most important messages.

Our community of professional translators and interpreters helps you speak to the world in more than 40 languages. Amero language specialists are carefully selected for their research, writing, and oral communication skills. They are communications experts who immerse themselves in the industry to ensure your project is clear, consistent and accurate.

Speaking your language, one word at a time

Amero’s process partners companies with the same translation team from project to project, developing a collaborative working relationship that ensures consistent use of both industry and proprietary terms, idioms, and jargon.