Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between translation, interpretation and transcription?
Translation is communicating a written material in a different language. Interpretation uses oral communication to convey what is being said between two or more parties in more than one language, in real time (simultaneously) or consecutively. Transcription captures oral language in written form and is typically used in the production of content for film, TV and radio. Some projects require a combination of services. Please get in touch through the form on the left hand side to discuss your communication needs.
Why is it important to use human translators?
While modern technology may make it seem easy to convert information from one language to another, language is alive, fluid and evolving. Amero uses human translators to capture these nuances and help communicate our clients’ most important messages.
Which languages does Amero translate from/into?
Amero Communications is headquartered in Toronto, one of the most multicultural cities in the world. While many of our clients require English, French and Spanish translation and interpretation, our network of translators and interpreters enables us to help you speak to the world in more than 40 languages.
Are your translators and interpreters certified?
Amero language specialists are carefully selected for their research, writing, and oral communication skills and the quality of their work. They are communication experts who immerse themselves in the industry to ensure your project is clear, consistent and accurate. Certified translators are available for projects that require them.
How much does translation cost?
Amero’s rates reflect the type of project and services required. A detailed quote is provided for client approval at the start of every translation project. Large translation jobs (15,000 words or more) may require a deposit before beginning.
How long will it take to translate my project?
As with most things, the earlier we start your project, the better. We strive to meet client deadlines, and project delivery dates are always negotiated as part of quote approval. Your project word count, the language pair and specialized knowledge required by the translator will also impact the time required to translate your project.
Which file format should I use to submit my translation project?
Our preference is a Microsoft Word document, though other formats may be suitable. File format and delivery details will be discussed at the start of your project.
Can I hire Amero for ongoing translation work?
Absolutely! We value our established client relationships and are happy to discuss a long-term partnership. An ongoing, collaborative relationship allows us to develop an in depth understanding of your business, terminology and preferred communication styles. Please get in touch to chat about how we can help.
How far in advance should I book interpretation for my event?
As early as possible! It’s helpful to have an understanding of your event agenda, the venue, the number of attendees, and required languages so that we can make recommendations on the types of interpretation services necessary to meet your audience’s needs.